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Check out this great video

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· The back ground about these lock assembly’s started out very simple. I wanted a lock to stop intruders from coming in the front door or backdoor of my house. My house is very well insulated, so it’s very hard to hear someone outside. Because it’s very difficult to hear someone coming up to the house, my wife and I installed a beam sensor so that way we could hear people come in through our gate. But that doesn’t slow an intruder down. The peace of mind door lock came from years of metal fabrication experience. To make something strong, but easy enough for my grandkids to use. Talking with some friends the idea came up to build a peace of mind door lock for residential. After showing these friends and family I came up with an idea that why does it just have to be for residential. With so many headlines of school shootings I thought to myself If I could have helped protect those childrens safety, if only they had this lock on the class room door. So I began my next journey on a design and the same principles of the residential lock towards a school door. Something easy to install and any age can operate it in an emergency. 

Residential door lock


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Residential door lock 

· Fabricated from cold rolled steel. The reason why we used cold rolled steel is because its much stronger grade then hot rolled steel. 

· The approximant size is 4inch wide and 5 ½ inches long. The slide is ¼ inch thick 1 ¼ inch wide. 

· All  parts are welded in a fixture for accuracy.

· Sand blasted and powder coated at a temperature at 450 degrees for a permanent baked on finish. 

· All hardware for mounting is stainless steel with a load rating of 1650  pounds each

· The kit includes 

o (1) one lock assembly

o (2) two stainless steel screws

o (1) one rubber bumper pad

o And installation instructions 

$100.00us plus shipping

School door lock


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School door lock

· School locks are made from the same type of material as the peace of mind residential lock.

· The approximant dominations are 4 inches wide 10 inches long.

· (6) Six stainless steel tamper proof screws each rated at 800 pounds each.

· The school lock has a tamper proof tag which easily sheers off in case of an emergency.

· The Tag is highly visible, the teacher and students can see it across the room for safety purposes. 

· In case of an emergency the door lock is able to be open from the outside of the class room by authorized personal.

$225.00us plus shipping


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